Aequitas Internet is a Web Engineering Firm based in Brisbane, Australia with more than 15 years experience in custom software development for small to medium enterprise.

We offer a range of services including new application development, application upgrade & enhancement, project revival & resuscitation, middleware development, and the integration of your custom applications with other business systems.

To ensure your business systems maintain peak performance and reliability, we have gathered together a collection of the best infrastructure, security, and support products available anywhere on the planet.




  1. impartiality, fairness, justice
  2. equality, equanimity

æquitas is the nominative form of the Latin æquitatem, meaning justice, equality, conformity, symmetry or fairness.

Joomla Training Workshops

Aequitas has developed a series of short workshops designed to give beginner, intermediate, and advanced users of Joomla the skills required to get the most out of this fantastic Content Management System. These workshops are periodically delivered at the State Library of Queensland's Technology Centre - "The Edge" - and are also available for private bookings.

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